IP Ban appeal.

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IP Ban appeal. Empty IP Ban appeal.

Post  zolaries04 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:51 pm

Good day to you Admin/GMs

Since i didnt see a Ban Appel thred, ill post this here.
Anyways, im Sieraloz Gladiator lvl55 Asmodian, Meet your Makers legion, and we were IP Banned,
yes, we are IP Banned. I dont blame anyone about this, well actually i blame Palpitate for Isulting GM Aire.

Anyways, i have an Internet Cafe, and i think banning our IP is too much. Cuz i myself cant play Sad
Pls lift the IP ban, and just ban palpitate, i already banned him here, he wont be entering my cafe forever.

Pls Admins/GMs i really wanna play. Sad I didnt do anythin wrong, and its not my fault.. Sad

Thank you and more power.
Greetings for Sir Atrapos and Sir Jom


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