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Post  Joe_of_Eternity on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:36 pm

Aion Kings reborn 3.0
is the Advance Aion 3.0 Live Private Server for ASIA region and it is free to play.
An unique private server with friendly GMs and active developer team.
Good community so everybody loves to play.

Working Quests
Better mobs spawn point
Better drop system n drop table
Lot of skill fix
Many instances fix
Constant bug fixes
Weekly and monthly events (managed / auto)
Custom spawn and drops
Free fly to everywhere

The creation of Aionkings Asia is for Brotherhood.
Find yourself in a legion of friendly community,
willing to teach you and encourage you to play with them.
We created AionKings Asia with heart, to give you all the enjoyment and a brotherhood that runs to your blood…

This is the Continuation of Aion Kings vision…
and the Kings Vision will continue to his journey…
Long live the Kings!!!


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