The 10 Rules of Aion KIngs

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The 10 Rules of Aion KIngs  Empty The 10 Rules of Aion KIngs

Post  Joe_of_Eternity on Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:00 am

World of Aion Kings server
is a Dedicated Private Server
Our community is growing faster and we really need to
implement the rules and regulations for the server.

The 10 Rules of Aion KIngs Server

I. Aion Kings never allow player begging for items, kinah, exp. or anything else,
the players must work for their own effort and not from GMs effort.

II. Aion Kings never allow impersonate any staff members or any other players.

III. Aion Kings server will not allow players to advertise other Aion servers. Auto
BAN Account or IP Address.

IV. Do not allege with subGM’s or GM's at any given time. If you have some
complaint, please post it in the proper section of the forum.

V. Aion Kings do not allow exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, please report it on the
forums or to a GM online. If caught abusing bugs, you will be jailed or, on
repeated offense, banned.

VI. Do not attacj, kill or argue with the subGM, GM, and Admin, this will result in warning or even BAN.

VII. AP Trading/Feeding is illegal; this offense is auto ban or defending on the
GM’s last say.

VIII. Please do not ask to be a GM or subGM, the Admin has the right to choose
who will be appointed (you can apply as long as the position is vacant).
The Admin has the final say.

IX. Politics, Religion, Racist/Offensive Names: PERMABAN. subGM, GM, Admin will
have the final say.

X. Aion Kings will not support players regarding the issue of account loss and
password, being hacked nor getting scammed. When you create an
account, make sure you can easily remember and secured.


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